Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Funny

Okay, so I have two Facebook accounts. One is my adult acct. and the other is my teacher acct. The teacher acct. just has posts and reminders about homework and it's super clean. Sometimes I remind kids to bring items they need for class or answer questions or send reminders to my ASB kids. It works pretty well. Sometimes I get invited to events b/c the kids will just invite everyone in their Friend list. This was in my invite box yesterday and I had a little laugh!!! I love the line about not needing any wood b/c there would be so many assignments to burn! LOL Cracks me up!

**Disclaimer: this is not my handwriting...students from my previous school created the invite and TONS of kids were going. Super hilarious. Also, sorry if you don't like foul former students...well...let's just say they use foul language more often than not. I still find it quite funny.

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