Sunday, June 19, 2011

This guy...Baylenisms #10, #11

This photo describes this guy's personality to a "T."

This guy is ridiculously funny. Like he's naturally goofy and LOVES to be Mr. Funny Guy and the Class Clown at school. Great. haha

Baylen is sitting on the stairs and Dj is putting on his shoes.

Me (coming down the stairs): Ewww! What is that smell? It smells like cat poop!

Baylen (laughing): says nothing.

DJ: I think it was Baylen...I don't know, though. He told me it was him.

Me: Did you let one, Bay?

Baylen (laughing): hahaha Yes.

Me: That is nasty! You reek! haha

Bay (laughing): hahaha It was juicy!

Gotta love boys! I have no idea who is teaching him this vocab, but I can only blame daycare at this point!


Brynn and Baylen are fighting...

Baylen: Bwinnah, you are a weinahwr!

Brynn: Baylen, that's not nice! Stop calling me a weiner!

MOMMMMM! Baylen called me a weiner for no reason!

Baylen: But she took my cars car, mom!

Me: Baylen, did you call Brynn a weiner?

Baylen: (nods his head, giggles)

Me: You better apologize. That's not very nice. (Yes I was able to keep a straight face)

Brynn (chiming in as usual): Yeah, Baylen. That's not nice to call people names. You shouldn't use potty talk either! That's not nice!

Baylen: (smiling) Sorry I called you a weinahwr. (then he chuckles)