Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's that time of year already

It's hard to believe that Christmas is around the corner. This year, I have found it easier to buy for Baylen, but much harder to buy for Brynn. I think once girls and boys turn 5, it's just hard to figure out exactly what they like. The thing is, she actually likes a lot of things...American Girl, My Little Pony, dollhouse stuff, Littlest Pet Shop, Leapster games, drawing, coloring, and Barbies. I think that is what makes buying for her this year so difficult: she's into SO MUCH. Dj claims she has too many toys, and maybe that's the case, although, most of them fit in bins or contain thousands of little pieces, so it doesn't seem like she has stuff all over the house. The other interesting thing about this girl, is she doesn't play with just one toy...she moves from toy to toy to night it's AG, the next it's LPS, the next it's MLP. One never knows what kind of mood she might be in.

I know she will be happy with anything we buy for her, and maybe it is more about buying things like "experiences" vs. actual items. Or, maybe it confirms my worst fear: this girl is growing up.

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