Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update List Style

1. The kids had their school photos taken and they are super cute...and super expensive.

2. Our Christmas cards are in early...YEAH! First time ever! Hoping to get those in the mail next week.

3. Brynn is rocking Pre-K and is one of the best readers in her class! I must say, this child is quite brilliant! ;)

4. Brynn is learning how to spell out quite a few words due to her learning various word families. Now, she is also sounding out how she thinks words are spelled (like Cougar, she spelled it 'Kugr' the other day on her OWN...phonetic spelling already!)

5. Baylen is doing "fine" in Pre-School according to his teacher. She said he needs to work on his listening skills. This is not a new revelation to his parents. He loves school, and knows almost all of his letters and can write his name very well on his own.

6. Baylen is in love with Lego toys and Transformers...and his beloved Cars cars.

7. Spritz is back and in full force. He's working better than "Santa's watching" threats.

8. The iPhone Santa App is working even BETTER.

9. The kids will get to go see Santa this weekend at their school for a pancake b-fast and then get a pic with Santa. They are stoked!

10. We loved cheering and destroying our voices last weekend during the ISU/Okie State game! :) WHOOHOO!

11. I ran 6 miles today for the first time...prepping for the 10K in two weeks w/ the hubs. I lived to tell about it, which means it's doable. My fingers are crossed that the weather isn't terrible, even though all signs are pointing to rain, since that's all it's been doing for days now.

12. We enjoyed a long holiday break and now crave Christmas break! Come soon, please!

13. The kids are asking for everything for Christmas and Santa is pretty much done buying for them. Only one more thing to get for Brynn from AG and we're complete! Now...on to Dj!

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