Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check out this little Miss

She is stylin' today. We found these darling shoes (thanks to my friend, T. for telling me about them) at the Nordy's pre-anniversary sale and had to try them on. Of course, we walked out of the store with them in our bag. They were too cute to pass up and on super sale, I might add.

These will be super cute to wear for her 5th Birthday/5 years old photos in the fall with a multitude of outfits. They are a bit big yet, but she seems to be fine wearing them. I have a couple of way cute props that we're going to throw in the mix as well for year #5 photos and I'm SUPER excited about it. Bee asked if she could wear this for her birthday party in Sept. and of course, she was delighted to hear the answer but added, "Mom, can you get me a 5 birthday shirt?! I can't wear a 4 shirt when I'm FIVE!" haha

The cute black and pink skirt came from G'ma Jeriwan.