Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Day of School

The last day of school for the kiddos was Monday, June 27th. They will resume in late August because we are starting school earlier this fall.

They are enjoying their time off and away but we are experiencing some challenges regarding schedules and keeping everyone busy. Each summer is a new learning experience. Today, we ran to my school to fill out some paperwork, ran to the outlet mall to pick up a couple of things, Baylen napped, Brynn rested (AKA played), and then we went outside and they ran through the sprinkler then rode their bikes. It was a good day. :)

So what has changed in a year for each of them?

-knows all of her upper and lower case letters and sounds
-can count beyond 100
-is adding and subtracting numbers 1-10
-is learning how to read site words
-is learning how to spell
-sings a ridiculous amount of songs (both kid-friendly and those she hears on the radio)
-is really into pretending...lots of role playing
-has become pretty independent...doesn't like to ride in strollers or carts much anymore, although she's physically little enough to fit
-speaks several words/phrases in Spanish
-knows what state and city we live in; knows the teams we cheer for: Cyclones, Huskies, Mariners, Sounders, etc.
-knows and can recite her phone number and who to call in an emergency
-can tell me LOADS of things she learns at pre-school and school in general..she is a sponge
-can name quite a few of the planets
-has a lot of friends at school and they all want play dates
-gets along with all kinds of kids at school
-wears her heart on her sleeve...when she has a bad day at school, tears flow as soon as I pick her up and we have to talk it out...usually her feelings are hurt by something or someone
-loves to dance and is super excited about adding jazz to her ballet and tap next year
-claims she will be a singer and a dancer when she grows up
-is a tattle tale
-knows everything
-has a little bit of attitude
-has an opinion about everything
-is very sweet
-says "I love you mom" at least three times a day just because
-gives lots of compliments..."I like your shirt, mom. I like your necklace, it's SOOO cute!"
-likes to shop
-wished she could have played soccer w/ her bro this season
-can color in the lines and loves to paint and craft
-loves My Little Ponies, American Girl doll stuff, LIttlest Pet Shops, Disney Princess stuff
-enjoys dressing up in a variety of costumes and you will see her wearing them to the grocery store at times
-loves to wear dresses
-has an opinion and likes to pick out what she wears
-loves to cook
-hates to clean up
-says her bro is her best friend
-will play into wrestling w/ her bro and messing around w/ him
-totally gets jokes and will laugh and laugh when something is funny
-claimed she was going to move to a different house because she didn't like me telling her no.
-told her father that she didn't like this family anymore because he wouldn't let her watch her iPod
-told an American Army soldier, "Thank you for serving our country" the other day and it totally made his day. :)

-knows at least half of his letters of the alphabet
-can spell his name
-is secretly smart...he messes around and then something brilliant will come out of his mouth and you're like..."Wait, what?" haha
-can remember everything physical he did at school but nothing academic (sometimes he will remember one or two things)
-can ride his big boy bike all by himself and get on and off of it by himself
-can name a couple of planets; knows what country we live in
-is in LOVE with his teacher, Priscila. He claims that he is going to marry her. She loves him and spoils him at school.
-talks constantly
-is Mr. Clown--he likes to be Mr. Funny Guy and most of the time, he is super funny :)
-laughs when he's being disciplined...not sure how we are going to get through this stage
-Mr. emotional: he whines and cries quite a bit
-Mr. tough...can get through some pretty crazy cuts/injuries with some crying but doesn't usually drone on about it for too long
-loves to be clean/take baths/take showers
-loves to wrestle
-liked soccer by the end of the season and really improved from start to finish
-loves to run around and be outside
-knows the names of all of the Cars characters and then some
-would eat all day long if I let him (I let him :D)
-would eat an entire bag of Doritos if I let him (I don't let him)
-runs laps around our house when he's feeling wild and getting tired
-loves fruit
-has a bit of attitude he learned from his sister and will talk back sometimes
-spends more time in time out than his sister
-doesn't know when to stop
-likes to pester Brynn
-also is a tattle tale (thanks to his sis, who led by example)
-Mr. Charm: is figuring out how to get what he wants by turning on the charm...things like, "Mom, I like your hair. Can I have some fruit snacks?" or "Mom, you look pretty today. Can I watch my iPod?" He's too clever for his own good.

Here are pictures of the kids on their first day of school and their last day of school.




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