Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little Ballerina

It was really fun to watch Bee dance this time around because she did really well. She didn't have to look at anyone else to know her steps, she looked confident, she had rhythm, and did many of the moves with correct form, which is more difficult in ballet class. Next year, we will find out if she will add jazz into her ballet and tap lessons each week. If so, the daycare will still take her to dance on a different day of the week, but then I will have to pick her up. It all depends on if the teachers think she is ready for jazz, which is a bit more complicated. Plus, she is a year younger than all of the girls in her current class, so we will see what they decide. She is so sure she will be taking jazz next year, so I hope that if they decide not to put her in the class she isn't heartbroken. Whatever happens will be fine. :)