Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SO lucky

I get to see Obama speak for the second time since he started running for the Democratic nomination. He will be here this weekend and I get to go! :) WHOOHOO! I won't reveal too much on here other than I am ecstatic and can't stop thinking about it. Although I wouldn't consider myself to be a staunch Democrat, I am a big supporter of Obama and what he has been trying to do since he's been in office. I think he has a lot of good ideas and has not always been given credit where credit is due and blamed when it hasn't been his fault. This is not a post intended for getting in any political arguments, just a post full of elation and admiration. I feel so fortunate that I get to attend a fund-raising dinner that costs $10,000 a table. The opportunities that have been presented to me the past two years have been incredible. I need to pinch myself.

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