Monday, November 9, 2009

Earring update

I'm in disbelief that Brynn's ears have been pierced for nearly 8 weeks. Soon, she'll be able to take them out and put in different pairs to match every outfit. :) We went to Claire's on Halloween b/c she had lost an earring (we found the back but not the actual earring) and since it was so close to changing them out, we figured it was best to just buy a new pair to put in her ears. I was shocked how expensive the earrings are in that store!I don't know why the high prices were so disturbing, considering I haven't been in there in ages, but despite them ripping us off, we bought two sets of those like 7-8 pairs of earrings on one little "sheet" and they were like $12 a piece or more. I could not believe we had to spend nearly 25 bucks just for some new earrings. That to me, is crazy. Even a pair of two earrings for her was $6. Ridic! A couple of days after purchasing the sets of earrings, Dj miraculously found the lost one by the foot of her bed! So, we put it back in and it's been fine ever since. My point is, that her earrings have been pretty low maintenance since she's had them. She loves wearing them and showing them off. She doesn't mind getting them cleaned each night and we don't mind helping her. She has never complained of them hurting or of them bothering her. It has been a very pleasant experience.


Bekah said...

I agree that the earrings seem a bit overpriced, especially for a little girl. Geez, I didn't even know Claire's was still around.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh are in the beginning stages of what girls "need" to be fashionable. Next will be matching purses, shoes, and then on to bigger things: hair, nails etc. It is fun! Welcome to life with a girl in the family. Love, mom