Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh Jeez

Lately, both of our children have taken up enjoying burping and passing gas and then laughing about it. Baylen will purposely drink a large amount of milk at supper so he can try and burp. His burps are quite impressive, I must admit. However, I don't want them going to daycare burping and farting at the b-fast or lunch table...how embarrassing would that conversation with the director be?! Let's just say there is no doubt this humor of bodily functions comes from their father.


Crystal said...

I think it is a kid thing... Blake is in that phase now too.

Megan said...


The Lagneaux's said...

AWESOME! Thank goodness Henry wears diapers still because he farted and we made a big deal of it so he tries to fart on purpose and generally ends of sharting! ha!