Monday, January 18, 2010

Bee @ 3

I have not updated in awhile about the little things I love about Brynnie as a 3-year-old. She is just this little sophisticated person stuck in a 3-year-old body. She thinks she knows everything, is bossy, very loving & caring, sweet, gentle, smart, and has her share of mood swings and tantrums.

Weighing in at 29 pounds, with a size 7-7.5 shoe, size 2T and 3T clothes, this girl is tiny but fierce. She loves to dress up in princess dresses and high heels. She loves to sport her ISU cheerleading outfit and shout, (arm movements and all) "Go, Fight, Win! Go Iowa State!" and then jump around. She loves putting bows in her hair and often claims, "My friends are going to love my outfit, mommy." "I'm going to show them my cute bow!" She is very matter-of-fact and tends to be able to claim deafness once in awhile with a classic, "Huh?" when you ask her to do something such as pick up her dirty clothes or put away her toys.

She loves anything Disney princess. Her current favs are Princess Tiana, Snow White, and Ariel. She loves to curl and dry her hair with her hair tools and accessories. She likes to get her toenails painted. She puts her foot down when Baylen is in her business or slams the door in his face and demands privacy when he tries to butt in. She and her brother get along pretty well, but they also have their...AHEM...moments. When they are fighting and Brynn hits or pushes him, she now lies and makes up stories about how he got hurt or why he's crying. Her latest excuses are, "Mommy, I don't know what happened. Baylen just fell on the floor all by himself." or "I think Baylen hit is head or something." Meanwhile, her brother, who can now verbalize what's going on will tell me the truth to expose his sister: pointing at his head, "Mom, Brynn hit head, OUCH!" or "Momma, Brynn pushed, OUCH!" Then, she's busted and must confess.

She hates timeouts, and sitting on the steps does nothing for her, so we do nose in the corner and that is something she DOES NOT enjoy. She also does not like putting her hands on the wall during time out. We also send her to her room when she's had one of those days where she's been bawling over every little thing because she's refused to take a nap and we have reached our breaking point. When she's done crying and settled down, then she can return back to playing in the living room or wherever.

She loves to tell people to "Just worry about yourself," or "Mind your own business." She loves to talk like an adult and use every big word she hears. Sometimes, she can use them correctly, while other times, it's completely out of context, which is super amusing. "Okay, mommy, I promise" is her newest "I'm sweet and can fool you" compromise.

She is very into emotions and is learning how to share those emotions quite regularly. "Mom, this makes me very happy!" or lately, at the top of her lungs when she's frustrated..."I CAN"T DO THIS!!! AHHHHH!" or, with hands on her hips, "MOM, I AM VERY ANGRYYYY!" I just giggle sometimes and she's not too fond of that. But it kills me that she's this little person with so many emotions and really figuring things out. Her Ped. said she talks like a 5-year-old. I say it's more like a 16-year-old. Holy adolescence! I thought that didn't come until 10 years from now. Wowzers.

Miss Storyteller loves to open books and read them to Baylen. Sometimes, they are right on b/c she's memorized them. Others, she makes up and always starts with the famous line, "Once upon a time..." and then she tells the story. This is very cute.

She loves to play games and her current favorite is Cootie, which we have played a couple of different nights after supper as a family. Brynnalicious loves to win and often creates her own rules. She loves to play with her fake money her teacher gave her and play with her cash register. She loves to serve tea, hot cocoa, grapes, and hamburgers from her kitchen. Bees will charge you $50 for some chicken nuggets, grapes, and a soda, but one can easily talk her down for a cheaper meal. :) Her current favorite books are Pinkalicious, Purplelicious, and The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.

Her favorite color is Pink and she often says, "Mom, look, that's pinkalicious!"

She can count to ten in Spanish, and count up to 40 in English. She can recognize the letters of the alphabet, all numbers, and write her own name. She can tell you her phone number. She knows and can say all the days of the week in Spanish. She can say the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, and white in Spanish. Bees will answer with a simple "Bien" when you ask her, "Como estas?"

Her love for babies is over the top. Real babies. Baby Dolls. Babies in photos. Herself as a baby. She hearts stuffed animals as well, and enjoys talking on her cell phone. (fake one) She is a very good mommy and loves her sister babies (bitty baby and twin bitty baby).

She enjoys nearly all kinds of foods, but lately, has taken on the idea of "I don't like that." when she might have eaten it last week. She tries to be very opinionated at the dinner table and often talks our ears off the entire meal. We often have to tell her to stop talking just for a minute and eat and is usually the last one to finish. Brynnie loves telling me/us what she wants to order when we go out to eat. Beezy loves choosing what she wants to drink.

She sings. She sings. She sings. all.the.time. She loves to sing. Brynna Bee loves to listen to the radio. Miss Backseat Driver often states "Turn the radio up!" "Turn the radio down!" "Mom, I want music NOW!" She loves Beyonce, Lady Gaga, the song, "Down" or "Whatcha Say". She loves all of the "kid friendly" songs and I think we heard "Here Comes Suzy Snowflake" about 1000 times December and January. She sings, "SpiderMan," "Itsy Bitsy Spider" the "days of the week," "BINGO", some whale song, and so many more. While she sings, she also provides me with some driving tips. "Mom, drive faster!"

Along with singing, comes the dancing. Bees loves to dance. She loves being in dance each week. She enjoys learning new techniques and is always very excited to go to lessons. She adored being on stage last month during the show. Since the dance recital, all B. wants me to do is put makeup on her face. Go figure.

Miss B. loves loves loves her friends. She tells me each day in the car on the way to school what she is going to talk to them about. She enjoys hanging out with them and is now saying things like, "Mom, can we invite Madigan over to our house to play? i want her to come over."

This girlie has a crazy good memory, and can remember things from her 2nd birthday party, or things people said or did several months ago. She remembers small details that one wouldn't think a 3-year-old would remember.

This girlie is a teacher's pet... Ahhhh a girl after my own heart. She is always sitting directly next to or on the teacher's lap. She wants to please her teachers all of the time. She likes to be the smartest one in the class. She likes to talk to her teachers about things she knows. She likes everyone to know when she has done something neat or cool.

Brynna loved Christmas and adored her birthday. B. totally loved making a list this year and telling Santa what she wanted. Her eyes lit up the entire room after opening a gift that she really wanted from her list and would shout out what it was and jump up and down, super excited.

At 3, she is witty, charming, easily frustrated, stubborn, observant, sly, creative, and a bundle of energy who often fights naps and sometimes stalls at bedtime just to stay up that extra minute. She will come downstairs after she's supposed to be in bed and come straight to me, won't even look at her father. We both find this highly amusing. This is soon followed by a "Mommy? I can't sleep." or "I need water." or "I fell out of bed." or "Baylen's talking." or "I forgot to brush my teeth." Whatever excuse a 3-year-old can come up with to stall, she's thought of it. Trust me.

The other day, I asked her what they learned about in school and she said, "about Martin Luther King Juneeerrr!" Then I asked what she learned about him and she replied, "He said that he wants EVERYONE to be GREAT!" *MELT* Love this child.

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