Thursday, January 7, 2010

Resolutions 101

Every Year I have a Ton of resolutions and some of them I actually accomplish, while others I never get to.

1. To continue working out and staying fit. Last year, I set a goal to lose some weight and get rid of the flab. That was a success. I have been working hard on this and seeing some great results. Because I stuck with it, I weigh only 2 pounds more than I did when I was a senior in high school! It's awesome. I took a break over holidays and now it's time to get back on the horse.

2. To work on cooking and eating healthier foods. This goes for myself and my family. We are pretty good w/ the kids making sure they get all of the food groups, but Dj and I need to work on this.

3. To be more patient with my children. I need to work on this. The tantrums and the whole "not listening thing" from both B & B are starting to drive me nuts. As we teach Brynn when she gets frustrated to STOP BREATHE and THINK, I need to follow suit.

4. To pay off my credit cards. I didn't have any balances that long ago and well, now I do. So I need to get the smaller two paid off and pay down the other one.

5. To become more of a minimalist. Seriously. We have so much stuff. We do purge regularly to Goodwill, but honestly, we could purge more. Or, I could. This is going to be really hard for me to try this.

6. To go to church more regularly.

7. To get a babysitter more often than we do. We need some US time away from the kids. When we don't have any grandparents to drop them off at, it can become overwhelming sometimes to feel like you never have time alone with your hubby.

8. To drink more water. I don't drink near enough.

9. To really work on seeing and appreciating what's in front of me, right now. Sometimes I get so caught up in work, stress, life, whatever, and forget about who and what is most important.

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