Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flood in the building

Today, the fire alarm went off unexpected during 3rd period. I have planning, so I was annoyed b/c it wasn't planned, which meant a student must have pulled it as a joke. Although, that doesn't really happen anymore b/c we have cameras everywhere around our school. So then I thought it must be the boiler that set it off. The reason? Well, we have not had ANY heat in our building all week. It's been so cold. At times, it even felt like cold air was blowing on us. I was telling everyone I was going to wear a snuggie to school the next day b/c it was so cold. I was right; the men were there today fixing the boiler when all of a sudden, it got too hot and set off the fire alarm. About a minute into the alarm going off, I open my door to see the classroom directly across from me dripping water from the ceiling. Then, a huge gust of water falls from the ceiling and it's pouring out. SHIT. A broken pipe. Right across from my classroom. I have a lot of computers. digital cameras. all sorts of books in crates from my different classes on the floor. I run over to the phone to call the office but realize she won't hear me w/ loud fire alarm. I email her EMERGENCY and type as fast as I can. I run outside and find an admin with a radio and tell them there's water everywhere. We run back to my building and as we open the door, water is still seeping out and now, the ceiling is falling on the ground. It smells. It's spreading down the hallway. It spread into my room. SHIT. I run in and start picking up everything off of the floor. Cords, book crates, filing crates, yearbook program in a box, etc. Now it's seeping into my carpet. SHIT. Finally a janitor comes. Then the firemen. Then the district workers. The firemen assess the situation. Janitor crawls on roof. Janitor shuts off water. District men shut off the heat (wait...but we didn't have any to begin with...) and FINALLY like 20 minutes later, they are taking the little squiggy (sp) thing and starting to push the water out of the building. Yuck. Finally they start pushing it out of my classroom.

The bad news: I was wearing my new gray boots. They got wet.

The good news: they are having floor crew in tonight to clean our carpets right away.

The bad news: they probably won't replace the front floor carpet in our building despite the nasty ass water that soaked in and it will dry, smell horrible and then get moldy.

The good news: they replaced the ceiling tiles already.

The bad news: this is the 2nd time we have had a leak from that pipe.

The good news: It's Friday tomorrow and nothing was ruined.

Gotta love days of unexpected surprises.

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