Saturday, January 9, 2010

Build A WOLF

Brynna recieved a Build-A-Bear gift card from Uncle Paul for Christmas, so we went to the mall today so she could pick out a stuffed animal and have some fun experiencing the BaB Factory for the first time. She loved it and spent a lot of time debating what animal she was going to choose. She had a bit of a hard time understanding that you had to pick an "empty" animal and then go over and stuff it, so I took her over and showed her other kids who were getting their animal stuffed and then I think she got it. She ended up picking a wolf to stuff. She informed us it was a GIRL wolf, not a boy wolf. The girl who was stuffing it for her had her kiss the heart, put it on her mouth, eyes, ears, (to get the heart pumping and to help the wolf hear, see, taste, etc.). Then Bee spent some time picking out an outfit for miss wolf. She finally picked out some pink and white tennis shoes and a jogging suit. The lady at the checkout counter gave her pink hair bows to put in the wolf's ears--adorable. She just thought that was so much fun that her wolf got bows! So then we had to decide on a name for wolf and get a birth cert. printed out. She decided to name her Laney. Kind of a calm name for a wolf, but she picked it, nonetheless.

She is head-over-heels for Laney the wolf and guess who's sleeping with her tonight?!

Also, we saw a cool idea: a little girl had her BaB box and inside was just the unstuffed animal. Santa had brought her the unstuffed one for xmas and she was SO excited to take her puppy in to be stuffed and pick out an outfit. I thought that was a really clever idea!


Megan said...

That is sooo cute! What a great gift idea, esp the Santa part! I can't wait to take Lydia to do that sometime!

Tyler & Ashlee's Mommy said...

My mom got an unstuffed bear for Ashlee for Christmas. We can take it in to be stuffed or it came with stuffing. I have yet to do it. Not sure if I want to wait for her to be able to do it or have Tyler do it or just me?

Tyler has a bear from there that my mom put her voice in. Justin can't stand the bear and said if he has to hear it talk one more time, he's putting it in the trash, hehe