Saturday, January 9, 2010

Funny Convo #778

Kati--I love your "Ty-isms" funny convo title and I am seriously thinking about stealing it and naming mine Brynn-isms b/c it's so cute.


Before we went to visit Megan and the girls, I had a convo w/ Brynn.

Me: Brynn, are you excited to go see Lydia and Herky the weiner dog?
Brynn: Yeah! Does Herky have a weiner like Baylen?
Me:, honey, Herky is called a weiner dog b/c that's a kind of dog. His body is long like a hot dog weiner.
Brynn: Oh. We don't say weiner out loud, right momma?
Me: You're right, honey.

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Tyler & Ashlee's Mommy said...

That's fine by me :)

Great conversation!