Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mister Whineypants, Mister Chatty, Mister Pottyman

Lots of stages going on with Mister Mister:

Mister Whineypants has made his appearance. He whines. He cries. He's drama to the max. This is my son. Mister Mister has been crying nearly everyday when I drop him off at daycare. He's fine a few minutes later when I leave, but I hate that he's been doing that lately. When he gets angry, he drops to the ground and lays there bawling his eyes out. Sometimes, I have to walk away and ignore it. Sometimes, he has to sit on the steps at home until he stops crying or throwing his fit. Sometimes he has to go to his room and he can come down when he's done. Stubborn is his middle name. He is soooooo stubborn it drives me nuts. Thank you Daddy--this is who he inherited it from.

Mister Chatty: he's talking up a storm and often repeats everything he hears out of anyone's mouth. He tries to speak full sentences but sometimes it's hard to understand every word he says. He's getting better. He can ask for things at the table. He can tell us what he wants. His favorite words: "Want Snack" and "choklatt milk!"

Mister Pottyman: he asks to sit on the potty often. He's been sitting on it at school for awhile now, but only had a few times when he's gone. It was pretty exciting that he went potty last night before his bath! He was SO proud of himself. It's been awhile since he's gone, so we were all doing the potty dance. :0) We'll keep our fingers crossed that he'll keep going!

Mister Independent: he wants to to everything himself. He thinks he's 3 and not almost 2. He thinks he can dress every part of his body. He can put on his pants and can take them off. He can take off his coat and he can take off his shoes. He THINKS he can button, connect the zipper on his coat, put on his own shirts, put on socks and even put on his own pull-ups or diapers. he also thinks he can walk ANYWHERE by himself. This gets to be a bit trying at times b/c he can't do as much as he thinks he can and when I tell him or try to help him, he gets so angry and demands to do it himself, which often takes five times as long and it's still not done. He is bound and determined to do everything himself. I believe this is the strong will that the second child possesses.

And he's eating meat which is weird b/c he never liked it before. We keep telling him it's "Papa's meat" and then he asks, "Papa's meat?" and eats it!! haha

2nd Birthday party plans are in the works. It appears we'll be doing a John Deere theme for #2. :)


Megan said...

Oh my, lots of changes w/ your mister! We are starting to get the fits and tantrums too... it sure does test a mama's patience! LOL!

Tyler & Ashlee's Mommy said...

Your son needs to meet my son. It appears they are so much alike!!