Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Decorations...

Some of the Decorations...When Brynna woke up from her nap, she walked in and her eyes lit up and she asked, "Mom, did you decorate? Who helped you?" I told her Papa helped me. Then she said, "Mommm the party decorations are beautiful!" haha
She was super excited about Bay's party and all week she kept asking me, "Mom, am I invited to Baylen's party too?" and I kept telling her, "Yes, honey you LIVE with us, of course you're invited!" and then she'd get all excited, start jumping up and down and say, "Yippeee!"

Made with my Cricut machine

Ordered from a friend who makes these and sells them on her etsy site...let me know if you want her addy--she's awesome!

The table and other hanging decor I ordered online from Celebrate Express

Pin the Wheel on the Tractor game I traced and blew up w/ an overhead at school, laminated, and then used velcro for the backs of the retrospect, I probably should have used scotch tape on the back instead...oh well.

Favors: 3 kids received toy tractors and a tractor sucker inside. Baby T. received a bigger "baby friendly" combine and a sucker inside of his. The 3 bigger kids also received a tractor made out of candy.

Elmo: I added the "2" chain in green b/c we tried putting a John Deere party hat on him and it turned out to look more like a bonnet and he became known as "Amish" Elmo. LOL

The Tractor balloon is from

A farm theme needs farm themed "foods" and snacks. Looking back, most were not very healthy but I guess that's what birthday parties are for, right?! We used Bay's combine for a fruit snack holder and the J.D. fruit snacks came from Papa Kevin and G'ma Cindy & Uncle Kevin.

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Megan said...

super cute decorations! love it!!