Monday, March 8, 2010

Weird things heard in my classroom today

Me: Okay Lillian, you can get to your strip now.

(meaning she can go pick up her sentence strip and write her thesis statement on it)

Me again after Lillian laughs: Oops, that did not sound very good did it? You can pick up your sentence strip..there that's better! LOL Sorry about that!!

I'm going around checking the kids' thesis statements for their lit essays. Most of them are well written, as they are prepping for their l.e. rough drafts and this is step one. All is well until I come to Chankrifa.

Me: Krifa, are you ready for me to approve your statement?

Krifa: Yes...

Me reading aloud: Shining Moon must face many difficulties in her life, but learns that she can get through anything because she has her sheep by her side.

Me: So you're telling me that as long as I have sheep in my life, I'm going to be all good?

Krifa: hahahahaha No....hahahaha but that is what the character thinks!!

Me: Krifa--you need to revise this and avoid being so literal. I don't need sheep to live my life everyday, you don't either, and neither did Shining Moon. (kids around us are just dying laughing) So what do the sheep represent? Life? Dependability? Sustainability? Hope? Consistency? Hard Work? Love? (EVERYONE LAUGHS at the table)

Krifa: Ohhh Okay Ms. Fitz...I'll try again. :)

Me: Good...because if you're reading a book that is trying to tell you sheep will get you through difficult times in your life, I'm a bit worried. (She smiles BIG) I'll be back.

btw: her thesis statement was MUCH better when I returned a few min. later. ;)

Gotta love middle least they don't think my sarcasm is corny

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