Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Po-Po in the House

We have Policeman Baylen in the house. His badge number is #25 and he's super excited about his costume. We have so many "girl" costumes that it was only fair he get something fun to wear. Of course, Miss Brynnie's eyes were full of excitement when she saw the costume and wanted to try it on immediately. Baylen's birthday was hard for her to fully understand and he did a really nice job of letting her help him open presents. He even did a really nice job of letting her play with some of his new toys like his cool new bike and cool new jungle treehouse. He's a sharing kind of guy when he wants to be.


Megan said...

cute, cute!! looks like he loves his new costume!!

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

great costume! We have a firefighter one and it's used a ton! I dug out 2 of J and I's Halloween costumes today for more dress up outfits