Monday, March 22, 2010

Mister Mister

is talking many sentences these days...all of a sudden--turns two and he gets tornado of the mouth!

The coolest things he's said this week:

Mom, don't talk to me. (this he "borrowed" from his lovely sister)
Mom, I want Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Watch Choo choo express!"
Brynna, no touch my truck!
No I do it!
Me do!
Mommy, where zoey?
Mommy, look! Cammy right the window!
Mommy, where my phone?
Want take a bath
I stinky. I fart! haha
lay down. hug me.

he calls books: my book-ie

And he sings: Happy Birthday dear ______ (daddy is his latest fill in the blank) Happy Birthday to youuuhhhh!

We still have to listen closely and translate often, but he's really trying so hard to talk and talk and talk just like his sister.

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Megan said...

Cool shirt on your mister! :) I'm glad it fits!!