Tuesday, March 30, 2010

gotta love middle schoolers

This is why I enjoy teaching this age group sooooo much. :) Today my Honors class participated in a Town Meeting Simulation. We had Samuel Adams, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, Earl of Effingham, Dicey Langston, Thomas Hutchinson, Samuel Seawall, Crispus Attucks, Logan, and many more in attendance. They were trying to persuade the Neutrals to join the Patriot or Loyalist sides. We have been prepping for this simulation for about a week and a half. The kids were SO excited about it and so was I. I could not stop laughing when they were getting ready. It was so cute. This is one of my most favorite simulations and parts of history to teach. I think they learn so much by acting out and infusing a bit of drama here and there. :) History came to life today. My principal was in today just sitting in watching and I could see him in the back of the room just cracking up. I think he needed a good laugh. I totally said to my kids before we started, "I'm trying to look at you all with a straight face when I say this, but I am finding myself having a hard time doing so." and the kids just rolled on the floor laughing. It was all E's fault for wearing the beard and black wig, appearing to look more like a caveman than a colonial neutral. LOL oh well--they had so much fun and we laughed and learned so much today.

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