Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brynnisms Part VIII

Brynn has a little rash on her elbow...

Dad: "Oh Brynn, look at her rash on her elbow, mom."
Me: "Oh no! That doesn't look good."
Dad: "Let's put some anti-itch cream on it."
Brynn: "It's okay. I think I need a new arm."

This morning her and Baylen were up at the crack of dawn and they were yelling at each other (really just talking SUPER loud). So I called her into my room and said:

ME: "Brynn, could you guys PLEASE stop yelling so loud? Talk in your inside voices, please."
Bee: "okay mom."
2 minutes later: they are yelling again so I called her back in.
Me: "Brynn, please, use your INSIDE voices, honey. YOu guys are way too loud."
Bee: "But mom, we're just KIDS!"
Me: "I know, honey, but you don't have to be so loud. YOu can still talk and have fun and not talk so loud."
Bee: "But mom, it's just NOT FAIR!"

Seriously....She's 3 going on 16.

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Megan said...

SO funny! She's growing up too too fast!!