Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Dining Room!

We purchased some new dining room furniture toward the end of the week. We have had a cheapo table from IKEA for a long time, and finally, a new dining set. Of course, now that we have it, every bang, every spill, every mark I'm paying attention to. In some aspects, it's harder for me to adjust to something so new and so nice with little kids, considering we had a not-so-expensive one for such a long time. Regardless, we bought a rug to put underneath and our cats have already taken to scratching it. Go figure. We also ordered a little "hutch" to match, but that won't be in for awhile. We purchased a set of drawers and a desk that replaced all of my plastic bins and plastic drawers of crafting supplies. The desk folds down and opens up and I have a nice workspace. I am excited to have all of my stuff 'hidden' and also have a spot to work.

Next on our list of house upgrades? Painting the ceiling after our bathroom pipe issue, painting the living room walls a new color (along w/ the fireplace wall a different color--no more red), and from the sounds of it, replacing the dishwasher.


Megan said...

Love it! Looks great!!

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

Looks great. Love the kids' chairs