Monday, April 26, 2010

First Master's Class

Well, it's a good thing I checked in and signed on for my first class. I had an assignment due tomorrow and the class just started today. I guess I have a lot to learn. Online learning is not my strength, as I definitely excel moreso when I'm sitting in the class and listening to the teacher. This will be a bit of an adjustment, but I can do it. One thing I need to figure out is how to manage my time and really set my calendar so I know when assignments are due and what is expected for each day. I see that I have two assignments due by Sunday. I also discovered I am not a fan of reading every person's discussion board posting. Do I have to read everyone's? One of our first assignments was to respond to two other posts, which I did (to 3 people actually), and then post our own thought, which I did. However, I did not want to spend all of my time reading every single person's. Should I?

My life, as I know it, is now officially crazy. Well, not really, it just got so much more busy than it already is. I hope I made the right decision to get this thing done now. I probably should have done it before I had kids, but better late than never, I guess. Regardless, it's going to be a lot of new and interesting material, I think. My first class is on classroom management, MY FAVORITE! :) :) I hope I learn something new. :)

Depending on my schedules, I may have to give up coaching volleyball next year. To be honest, it's been on my mind for awhile now for various reasons, but, maybe it's really time to give it up. Leaving basketball was really hard and it still is, but leaving volleyball will be even harder, as I've coached the girls for 8 years. However, coaching is hard work because not only am I coaching most girls who have no clue how to play volleyball, but also teaching them some emotional and social behaviors as well. Next year, I have 7th grade girls...only perk? Ashley's sister is going to be coming to Cascade. :))))))))) Ashley plays for a D-1 school now, and her sister was an awesome player for me too. Hmmmm

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