Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Year Check-up

Mister Mister had his 2 year check-up today. He weighs 31 pounds and is 36 inches tall. That puts him in the 75% for weight and 75-99% for height. He did not like his Hep shot today, but the crying was short-lived after I bribed him with a little box of raisins. His left ear tube fell out this morning while we were eating breakfast. I don't know if his right one is still in or not, but at his 18 month check-up, our Ped. said that both looked like they were going to fall out soon. I didn't ask him if he saw the right one still in his ear or not. He did say his left eardrum (now ear tubeless) looked great. I hope that we do NOT have to visit the ear infection world again. That sucked. His ENT doctor/surgeon said that if he gets another one, we better consider tubes AGAIN. ugh. I am hoping for the best.

Mister Mister is still verrrrry stubborn. He's so stubborn that he and I butt heads OFTEN. It drives me nuts. He is not a good listener, he jumps and has to stand on EVERYTHING, no matter what it is.

He is goofy and loves to pass gas, then laugh (faht as he calls it..."mommy, I faht! hahaaha!") He purposely tries to burp any chance he gets at the table....I blame his father for this one!

He is sleeping better in his own big boy bed, but we still have nights when he wants to curl up with us. Dj has been better about waking up and taking him back or walking him back to his own bed. He loves cars, trucks, tractors, and his animal treehouse. He loves to be outside and ride bikes or in the beep beep. He would rather run and not hold my hand. He loves piggy back rides. He "reads" to himself often and I'm not sure what the story is about b/c he speaks it in his own language, which is quite hysterical. He loves to be read to and would prefer that we read at least 10 books to him every night before bed. He and Brynn will say prayers before bed and it's so cute how he'll kneel down and say, "Dear God, tanktu (thankyou) for my famahleee, my house, my health, my priends, and pathy (his teacher Kathy).

Mister Mister wears his heart on his sleeve and EVERYONE knows when he's upset. He throws tantrums OFTEN for just about anything these days. IT is tough to deal with these tantrums so often...exhausting at times, actually. Now, he kicks, goes boneless, drops to his knees (sometimes outside even when it's raining) screams, says "NO!" and refuses to do things. Fun times! haha

He loves to bother his sister any chance he gets. The typical little brother, he picks and picks and annoys the living daylights out of Brynn. He can be really sweet to her and they will sit and play nicely at times and also sit and have conversations with each other about al sorts of things, which is super cute. But most of the time, he's trying to get at her in some way to make her cry or become upset. He thrives on her dramatic tattling and loves to walk up to her, take something she was playing with, stand there, look at her and just hold it. When she asks for it back, or freaks out on him, he puts a death grip on the item and takes off running full speed.

Baylen has bruises all over his body. He is clumsy. His big clown feet are always in the way. He bumps into furniture, falls on toys, falls off of his motorcycle or bike, and trips over air. (seriously)

He is a little jokester and loves public attention. He thrives on being active and on the go. He loves to wrestle and being rambunctious. He is a lover and gives the best hugs and kisses.

Everything is: "I DO IT!" or "What's that?" He is so curious and aware of the world around him. He loves to sing ABC's and the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." He loves to help his dad and his favorite chore is vacuuming.

And he is my one and only Mister Mister. ♥

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Megan said...

Oh the world of boys... I have so much to learn! :) Can't wait to see your lil mister this summer!