Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brotherly/Sisterly Love at it's Finest

It's so fun to watch these two interact. I must admit that there are times when they are so rambunctious and just always giggling, running, messing around that it does drive me nuts. However, they also have their moments when they totally get along, talk to one another and have these cute, little people conversations. When Bee sees Baylen at school, she'll go over and give him a hug and a kiss. It's super adorable. She loves him so much. Although, lately, she has been refusing to sit by him at breakfast b/c he messes around and gets in trouble for getting out of his seat. LOL She doesn't want to be associated w/ the "trouble makers," at least in public. (That's my little teacher's pet! Her momma's daughter for sure).

On another note, there is also a TON of fighting going on b/t the two. Physically, Baylen just takes things from her and runs. She bawls her eyes out until she gets it back. He will also bite her when he's really mad at her and that just makes Brynn lose it. She cries and cries--DRAMA to the MAXXX when he bites. He also will sit on top of her and she seriously cannot move. She freaks out when he sits on her--he's a heavy dude! haha When Brynn decides NOT to play the victim will push him to the ground (hard), try to poke out his eye, or pinch him. She usually plays the victim though, even when she's in the wrong.

Lately they have been arguing about the littlest things and it makes me giggle. Like yesterday, we were driving in the car and a song came on the radio. It was a girl song and Baylen said, "That's my jam, Brynna!" And Brynn looked at him yelling back, "NO BAYLEN, THAT'S A GIRL JAM AND IT'S MYYYY SONG!" They continued arguing back and fourth until I intervened explaining that girl songs could be Brynn's jams and boy songs could be Baylen's jams and they seemed content with that statement. Luckily, a boy jam came on next! Today, they were arguing in the car because Baylen told Brynn, "I read book, Brynn." And Brynn became all angry and said, "YOU CAN'T READ, BAYLEN!" And then Baylen yelled back, "Yes I read!" And then Brynn started getting whiney and stated, "Mom! Baylen said he can read but I can't even read!" So then I told her that Baylen reads in his own language but she was right, he can't really read and that she shouldn't worry b/c she'll learn to read before him. she was fine with that answer, thankfully and we didn't have any more arguments after that.

Ahh the love between siblings is so special. ♥


Megan said...

Oh, I love your stories! I can't wait until our two kiddos start interacting with each other!

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

I can hardly wait.....

My brother, although younger, used to sit on me and be mean to me too. Although older, it's tough to be the girl sometimes. She'll get him back...eventually. I always did :)