Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Baskets from the EB

The Easter Bunny came to visit our house while we were at church. The kids enjoyed their baskets of goodies. They both received a Zhu Zhu hamster car to share. Baylen received a hamster and some cars, along with some small candy, raisins, etc. inside his eggs. He also received a soccer ball and net which he was supposed to get for Christmas but Santa forgot about it. OOPs haha
Brynn received a Frog Princess dress-up dress, some Go Fish playing cards, some princess pens, and some candy and other goodies inside her eggs. She was thrilled. :) She was also glad the Bunny was NOT in our house once again this year when we arrived home. I had to assure her more than once that the EB does not hang around, but rather stops at our house, drops off the baskets, and is on his way to another kid's house.

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Briana said...

She's so cute how she doesn't want the bunny to still be there!

Miss Olive got those Hello Kitty "eggs" too this year and loved them.