Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad....uh...Easter Bunny?!

My kids are! LOL

Well, actually, I should back up the post, b/c Brynn is TOTALLY afraid of the Bunny but Baylen, with the help of Cade, came around and likes the Bunny now. Let me explain. We went to eat brunch on Easter Sunday after church, meeting up with some really good friends of ours and their families. We did not see the Easter Bunny while we were eating, but after we finished, there was an egg hunt outside. They have a little hunt right on their patio of the Country Club and the kids have to find the eggs in the hay. The man on the microphone counted down, and the kids got started. All was well, until about 3 minutes into the hunt, I heard someone scream NOOOOOO! No Easter Bunny! and saw Brynn crying her eyes out and running at FULL SPEED towards, and demanding we go inside. She was done w/the hunt and didn't want to be anywhere near the bunny. I was laughing, even though I totally felt bad for her, it was still funny. :) I picked her up and consoled her. Then, she turned around and the bunny was right in her face!! haha, He saw her and offered her an egg from his basket. She screamed and yelled at the top of her lungs, "NOOOO!" and ran and hid her face in my legs. LOL It was so funny. I wish I would have had it on camera. hahahaha

So then, the hunt was pretty much done and I went over and picked up Baylen. I tried to get him to come w/ me to see the Bunny and get our picture together. I gave my camera to Tami and asked her to snap a pic. Instead, Baylen freaked out and cried as I had him in my arms and we sat next to the EB on a haystack. He was not thrilled...as you can see in the pic.

However, later, when the EB was walking around to different tables greeting the CC members, Cade took Baylen by the hand, and convinced him to go talk to the Bunny . He kept telling Baylen to try and touch his tail. haha Baylen was giggling the entire time. Then Cade showed Baylen he was not afraid of the bunny by giving him a hug. Baylen was smiling and laughing and watching the entire thing, but would not hug the bunny. Then the EB knelt down and handed Baylen an egg. He smiled, took the egg and then threw it directly at the Easter Bunny! hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IT was the funniest thing I had seen all day. He had this big, ornery grin on his face too. Hysterical! The EB was surprised the egg was flying back in his face and I apologized inbetween laughs. Then he went behind the EB and pull on his tail and just laughed and laughed. Cade could hardly contain himself. Those two are going to be trouble together, I think! LOL Funny stuff!

Baylen looking at EB right b/f he threw an egg at him. LOL

Baylen freaking out when he sees EB for the first time...

Brynn terrified of the bunny after he tried to hand her an egg...

Brynn freaking out when she sees the EB for the first time


Crystal said...

LOL... I know that feeling, when you feel bad for laughing but it is so frickin hysterical. Too cute!

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

It's that Pet Cementary bunny from preschool (who's picture I miss this year!). Brynn is scared for life!