Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Guess who's turning THREE this weekend?! My BIG MISTER! All of a sudden, he loves putting his hair in a "faux hawk" and wearing his father's cologne. :) Still ornery as ever, this one is now earning himself plenty of time outs at school b/c he isn't listening to his teacher. He loves to give smooches and laughs about EVERYTHING. HE gets out of bed at night at least once, but averages 3x. He has a hard time winding down. He loves his "Cars" cars and all that's Lightning McQueen. He is a SUPERSTAR on the potty, and goes #1 and #2 ALL of the time, and now, most of the time without reminders. He rarely has accidents and is waking up dry in the morning. Soon, he'll be wearing undies to bed. He's brave, crazy, energetic, happy, sad, throws tantrums, funny, silly, and so smart.

How can he be three already?! :)

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