Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brynnisms #24 and counting

Funny Sunday full of laughs...

Lately, the age of 4 has not been my favorite. It used to be. Until now. I was warned of the 4's. By everyone. They were right. 4 1/2 has come into our household like a lion. No joke. We are getting a lot more talking back, arguing, attitude, refusal to do things, refusal to do ANYthing, lots of crying, lots of drama, and a lot of cranky attitude. Holy cats! It's kinda funny to see her become this little snappy thing but at the same time, she is getting really smart about her come backs and the decisions she makes.

I asked her to come upstairs and help me put away her clothes. She was not very happy about this. Usually she enjoys this job, but not today, apparently. She came in the room, laid on her bed and said...

B: "I'm too tired to work."

Me: "Well, I'm tired too, but everyone has to help. Please get off of your bed, come over here, and put away some of your clothes. You can start with your leggings...put them in the bottom drawer, please."

B: "But I don't want to!"

Me: "I know, but this isn't a choice. You can help put your clothes away."

B: SIGH "Huuuuhhhh Fine. Why do I have to do YOUR work?"

Me: ????? Bewildered by her comment...then a quick recovery: "Well, this is not my work. I washed the laundry and folded's your turn to put it away."

B: "Well I don't like it!"


Tonight at the dinner table, we were talking about getting married. She watched the movie, Cinderella last night and was delighted to see the prince and C. get married at the end. She exclaimed, "Look they got married!" and grinned.

So, that's why we were talking about getting married at supper.

B: Mom, will you marry me?

Me: Honey, I'm already married to your daddy.

B: Oh...okay well Torin is going to marry Elsa.

Me: Oh really...who are you going to marry? Hudson?

B: No...I'm going to marry my brother Baylen. Baylen, wanna get married? I need my flower ring.

Baylen grins, then giggles.

Me: Well, you can't marry your brother...that's against the law! (we laugh.)

B: But I want to.

Me: You need to find someone you're not related to and marry them. Do you want to do that?

B: But I just want to marry my BROTHER!

Me: Well, I guess if you want to marry him, go ahead. It might not last very long.


Tonight when Dj was tucking them into bed:

Daddy: Sorry I couldn't play surgery with ya earlier. Do you want to play tomorrow? (She is pretending to be a doctor w/ her new gas mask she inherited from the hospital on Friday)

Brynn: No, that's okay. I'm going to have a wedding tomorrow instead and marry Baylen.


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chrissyrudd said...

And this is why I read blogs; to find out that it's not just MY child doing this!!! Addie is a real piece of work, I truly pitty anyone who marries her. Sounds like you have one of those too. But we can be assured they won't be walked on at all!