Saturday, March 5, 2011

MRI results

Brynn made it through the MRI process like a champ. She was very brave and didn't seem scared at all. She was given anesthesia and her recovery afterwards was a bit slow. Bee was a little "loopy" for awhile, which is normal, but seemed to feel more like herself about two hours later. Today, B. is feeling pretty tired, which is to be expected.

After looking at the MRI, Brynn's doctor @ Children's decided he was not 100% sure what exactly is up w/ her lump or what it is. He said nothing looked dangerous on the scans and that it could be a lymph node that has hardened due to an infection. He wants to check it in a week or two and see how it looks. If it increases in size or remains the same, I am not sure what course of action they will take next.

We feel relieved for the good news so far, but still want to know what it is and if it could be harmful in any way. For now, we are just taking it as it comes, but definitely more hopeful.


Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

Great news!

chrissyrudd said...

Good to hear, praying for more good news!