Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brynn update

Last Friday, Brynn had another appt. at CH. After spending some time conversing w/ the doctor, he sent us on our way to have some X-rays. The results initially showed some sort of bone issue that could be causing the "bump" or "lump" we've been feeling. After a radiologist looked it over yesterday, the report came back saying her first ribs were underdeveloped and showed signs of being hypoplastic. The doctor will refer us to someone in orthopedics and we'll go from there. We're not exactly sure what will happen next, so I guess, we wait and see. The lump bothers her when she gets buckled into her car seat, and can get sensitive after poking and prodding. One thing is for sure...going to that hospital the past couple of weeks has been eye opening and sad. So many sick kids and I just feel so bad for their parents. That has to be so hard. How brave are they? And those kids...such fighters.


Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

I'm glad it's nothing too severe! Hopefully you can get this all worked out and then be able to stay far far away from the hospital

Megan said...

Finally some answers... glad to hear they're getting you to the right doc! I agree w/ Kati... hopefully no more hospital visits!

Crystal said...

The student in me wants to ask tons of questions (that you probably don't have the answers to yet anyway)... but the friend in me is glad for the outcome of the tests!