Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I can read, momma! :)

Last summer, I tried working w/ Brynn to start teaching her sight words. It went okay but I don't think she was ready...too young. So, we sort of dropped it and focused more on continuing to practice identifying our letters and thinking of words that started wit those letters on the way to and from school. Then we started working on words that rhymed. Last night, I asked Brynn if she wanted to start learning how to read. She was so excited and went upstairs to grab the books I bought last year to start teaching her sight words and reading easy sentences. The series of books are numbered, so each set of sight words builds on the next set or sound. Last night, we made it through the first four books. The third and forth books were tough for her, but she continued to try. I could see her trying to use her sounds and spelling out the word to try and figure out the sound or the word. Tonight, she made it through the first four books with ease! I was so proud of her! I even covered up the pictures so she could only see the words. She continued to make it through reading each book. It's so cute to hear and watch. She is so excited to feel so grown up and after she reads a short sentence she thinks about it and gets what the sentence is saying and reacts to it/comprehends it. It's super cute.

As a teacher, I think I am more worried about my kids being good students and prepared for school, even though it's still a year away for her. I know how important it is for kids to know how to recognize sight words even as they enter Kindergarten and the advantages they will have if they know how to read well.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Brynna! you can also try working on words that start with the same consonant sound. Love, gma Cindy

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

I'm impressed!