Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathroom Renovations have begun

This week has been very busy at our house. We decided about 5 weeks ago to renovate our master bathroom upstairs. Home Depot is doing all of the work for us and we just get to watch. Tom came and worked in our house for about 3 days, and did a wonderful job. Here are a few pics..okay a lot of pics...that show the old and the new. There is still some work to be done but we'll get it finished soon enough. I am so excited!

1. The big mirror came down. Two new ones will be hung after the paint job is complete.

2. The bathtub was completely replaced. That included the fixtures, the "walls" were also replaced around the tub and extend all the way to the ceiling.

3. The countertop was replaced and the little "shelf" that extended all the way to the other wall under the window has been eliminated.

4. We have a new's no longer white's candlelight and it was resurfaced. Along with that came new nobs.

5. The glass doors on the bathtub also have disappeared. Now we have a new curved shower curtain rod.

Things left to do:
1. will be a light khaki color
2. Put new vinyl flooring in (Home Depot will be doing this for us more than likely)
3. change handle on toilet to match
4. change the light fixture above the mirrors
5. buy a shower curtain
6. replace the light switch to something that is more "tech" friendly
7. replace the vent to a brushed silver one
8. put in both sinks and hook up the plumbing
9. hang the mirrors on the wall
10. change the blind
11. add some decor

We realized that one of the drawers looks a little crooked, so when Tom comes back, we'll have it fix that up for us. Other than that, it's just beautiful and we have a few things left to do, but it's an amazing transformation so far. I can't wait to see what it will look like once it's done. If you can't do the work yourself, I highly recommend hiring them out. They were really easy to work with and do a beautiful job.


Megan said...

I have been wondering how the renovation was going! It looks great!!!

Briana said...

Looks great! I hated the shower doors we had at the condo. They were so hard to keep clean. As a gift for me when I was pregnant with Logan, Kevin removed them and put in a curtain rod instead. It made such a huge difference!

Tyler's Mommy said...

It looks fabulous already! I'm so envious! I want to redo ours. HGTV gets me motivated every weekend!