Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baylen @ Daycare

Here are a couple of pics of Baylen at daycare his teacher sent to me. They were making face imprints. He doesn't look too thrilled to be doing it but I'm sure he was fine.


Megan said...

Ha ha, that's funny! That's so nice that your daycare sends you pics! Our provider takes a lot of pics, but isn't too good about getting them to us. I keep meaning to buy a disposable that she can just keep there and then we can develop.

Tyler's Mommy said...

This just makes me laugh. I think it's a funny project. My son would have FREAKED! He can't even stand to have his hand in the paint; this would kill him, hahaha.

And I agree with Megs, nice of them to send you pics! I know they would have offered up the horse ride pics but Tyler said no way to that.