Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy Weekend

Elsa, Brynna and Madigan

This past weekend was really busy. We went to see Wicked on Saturday night and we really enjoyed it. I still think the book is better, but they did a pretty good job of adapting it for a musical. The musical is much more family friendly than the book, which I guess, is probably a good thing.

On Sunday, Brynn had a birthday party to attend for two of her friends from daycare. Talk about double whammy. haha. Anyway, she had a fun time at the party and enjoyed seeing many of her pals. The girls had their party at the same place Brynn had hers a couple weeks earlier.

Baylen's teacher wanted to start trying to sit him on the potty and I told her to go for it. We don't do much of it with him at home yet, other than in the morning sometimes and before the bath. I guess they sat him on it today and he totally went potty in the toilet! haha I can't believe it! He also tried going again in the potty later in the day and ended up rainbow peeing all over his pants and one of the teachers. Oops. He's still so young and he'll figure it out when he's ready. I was definitely in more of a hurry to get Brynn trained after she turned 18 months old b/c I had 2 in diapers at the same time. Some if you will find out soon enough that's horribly expensive. But with Baylen, he's my little baby boy and so he can take his time yet, b/c he's still a little guy. Although, if his teacher really wants to help train him, I am all for it.


Tyler's Mommy said...

YEAH Baylen. He needs to give tips to Tyler :)

The Lagneaux's said...

Good for Baylen!!!! Henry has shown zero intrest in potty training and I don't think I am ready either. I need to read up on it first before I try with him. He has dry diapers after nap and sometimes in the morning so I know those are signs we can start but still, I need to read up on it so I do it right and don't end up making Henry hate it before he even really begins. To be diaper free would be awesome!!!!