Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well Baby Check-ups Today

The kids had their 18 month and 3 year well baby/child check-ups today. Dj took the kids as I had to teach, so I ran up there after school was out only to walk in right at the end as Baylen was crying his little eyes out. :(

Brynna is 35 inches tall (10%) and weighs 27 1/2 pounds (25%). Baylen is 28 1/2 pounds (70% percentile) and is 34 3/8 inches tall (95%).

Both had to get shots. Brynn just had to get the flu shot and she took it in the leg like a champ. Baylen had to get his Hep. shot and the flu shot. He did not take his like a champ. He cried and cried and cried for an hour afterwards holding his little leg saying, "owww, shot!!!" I gave him some Motrin when we got home, but he's still Mr. Whiney Pants. Poor guy! I hate shots.

Dr. D. was very impressed with Brynn's speech. He said she talks more like a 5-year-old vs. a 3-year-old....her inflection, her facial expressions, etc. Of course that made me quite proud when I heard that.

We had some questions for Dr. D. today. First of all, Brynn's big toenail on her right foot has been black and blue for weeks. Apparently, a kid at school ran over her toe with the bike. I wanted to know if it was going to fall off. Answer: it might.

Dr. D. said that he suggested we get the H1N1 vaccine when it is available in another month. He has 4 kids and said all of his kids were going to get it as well, so we'll probably do it. What are the rest of you who have kids who read this blog planning to do about the H1N1 vacc?

We also asked about Baylen's speech progression. He said we should not be concerned. He does say quite a few words, and has been saying new words almost every day. I guess it is hard not to compare him to his sister, but she was not the norm when it came to speech progression, as she spoke sentences very early on.


The Lagneaux's said...

That swim suit is soooo cute! I cannot get over how small Brynna is. She is a little doll. we get shots this weekend so that will be fun at our house. :(

Briana said...

Brynn sounds like Quinn. He was our early talker, walker, everything. He's reading pretty well in Kindergarten and Logan didn't really start reading until 1st grade. I'm anxious to see where Olive falls in comparison.

As for the H1N1 vaccine, we deferred to our pediatrician and what she was doing with her own children. She is not getting it for them and we will not be getting it for ours. The instances of H1N1 are not very high in this state. I think there has only been 1 case. And it's not enough prevalence for her to want it for her own children. We turned another one down last year (Can't remember what it was now) because she was also not getting it for her children. I think it's good to defer to your pediatrician and what they will do for their own kids. They know the risk of the state and area you live in, so that's probably best.

Tyler's Mommy said...

Cute photo!

Don't worry about Baylen and his speech (easy for me to say, huh?). I'm sure he's just fine. I worry about Tyler daily, but they keep saying he'll be fine. He is catching up...slowly.

I have to get H1N1 because I'm pregnant and I will probably have Tyler (and Justin) get it if it's available. It's just a nasty thing that I'd rather not deal with.